Monthly Archives: May 2014

After the gales





Wow it has been a stormy few days! Winds have been howling through the trees and I am not surprised to see one of our small birches having fallen across the North pond.





Since our meeting last month the council have erected a temporary fence around the culvert at the south end of the park near the footbridge. The fence is now splitting a little and no longer a deterrent to access. South Glos have been told about this. South Glos are working on plans for this area of the park and have promised to consult us as soon as they have a proposal. Concerns have been expressed by Friends that we might lose the old established trees along the original stream.

I have heard no further communication about any of the other issues we raised at our meeting,

Currently outstanding are:

  • the removal of the bollard (council vans are continuing to drive over the grass as before)
  • the stagnant and polluted water at the footbridge
  • a litter sweep through the area including removal of tractor tyre

At our meeting we also pointed to the fact that removal of the undergrowth would make way for a dense crop of nettles especially on the high ground to the west and just downstream of the first pond. These nettles have indeed grown and are now three feet high. Some might think that they make a poor substitute for the diverse saplings and shrubbery which were there before. We are looking forward to discussing management of this area with South Glos.

Finally, to end on a positive note – the bluebells have been really good this year, and have been made visible by the clearance work.


The Orchard group meets this Saturday  May 17th at 10am. (the ground West of the footbridge) Come and join us if you would like to.