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Ever heard of a tulip tree?

Dear Friends,

Summer is upon us and with the regular rain, everything is growing like crazy. We have been preparing some beds on the orchard and one of them had a great puddle on this morning!


I hope you have helped yourself to gooseberries from the orchard. There are just a few left. Also you might like to check out the jostaberries, on much larger bushes in the central area. These look like gooseberries at the moment but will shortly turn dark red/black like a blackcurrant. They are great in pies and crumbles. Or if you prefer the familiar, there are just a few raspberries ready for picking.

Here is an unusual tree that you might not have spotted. Its leaves are a strange shape and it is called a tulip tree. It is on the playground side of the park close to the path that runs from the LIbrary to Emersons Green Lane.

tulip leaf tulip tree








The moorhens seem to have had a very successful year, with at least two broods being obvious on the Langley pond.







Also does anyone know what these piles of seeds are doing? I noticed them this morning near the Langley pond. I fear they will feed rats, of which we already have plenty.

rat food






Finally, we should be pleased to have more help with the orchard if you can spare some time. The next session is  July 23rd at 10am.

Best wishes all – have a great summer.