Monthly Archives: June 2019

Come and get it

Hi everyone and welcome to the new members who joined at this year’s festival.


Here is some news about the orchard and surrounds.  The cubs have been busy constructing this ‘bug hotel’, designed as a habitat for insects, who just love decaying wood. So it is really a pile of different types of wood! The children are already showing considerable interest spurred on by Ed Drewitts’ fascinating insect sweep at this year’s festival of nature.


We have also been clearing and sowing wild flowers to attract insects and, despite the drought, you  will see that we have had some success.

We have a work party every month just for a couple of hours and we would be very pleased to have some more members. Here is the group that met this Wednesday – at coffee break.


We spent our time this week clearing grass away from the fruit, so everyone could see it and get to it.


The gooseberries are ready to pick, so feel free and the raspberries are just coming.


Anyone guess what this is? We hope it will become a great tree. Need a clue? Here we go round…

We hope you like the orchard. Its aim is not to be a tightly managed space like a home garden or allotment, but to be what has been called a ‘Forest garden’ – that is semi-wild, growing an abundance of fruit of all sorts with minimal maintenance and maximum interest for wildlife. Our next work party is on Sat July 13th at 10am. Please join us if you can.

Also to say that next Monday 24th June the management committee for the Friends of Emersons Green Park are meeting. So it is a good moment to feed back any comments or suggestions you have about the park. You can do this via comments on this blogsite. Also if you would particularly like to attend the meeting, that would also be possible, so please ask.

Best wishes